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The Retreat at Greenbrier

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Terms of Use



  • The Retreat at Greenbrier Condominium Association, Inc. (The Retreat or Association) is the sole owner of this web site and its content. 

  • Posted content is subject to prior review and approval by the Association’s Board of Directors, in its sole discretion.  

  • The Residents Only area is for the exclusive use of The Retreat’s owners and residents. 

  • The Terms of Use may be updated as needed.  A link to view future updates is under the Other menu tab on each page of the Residents Only section.  Future Log Ins and access to the Residents Only section is your automatic acceptance of the Terms of Use.

Personal Information

  • The following personal information may be viewed by Residents who Log In to the site:  your name, address, email, and phone number(s).  

  • If you do not want your personal information posted, email the Association Manager at:

  • You agree to respect the privacy of Residents' personal information and to keep it confidential.

Event Photographs and Videos 

  • The Association agrees to exercise care when posting photographs or videos taken during Association events.

  • You agree that photos or videos that contain your image may be posted in the Residents Only area. 

  • Contact the Association Manager if you have concerns or would like a photo or video removed.


  • Reasonable effort will be taken to ensure the accuracy of the Residents Only content.  If there is a conflict between this website's content and the Association’s Governing Documents, the Governing Documents shall prevail.

  • The Association accepts no responsibility whatsoever for your use of the Resident's Only area or for access by others who may enter your password.

  • Unauthorized use will be considered trespassing.

 Sign Up

  • After reading the Terms of Use, click the Continue Sign Up button above to open the Sign Up screen.

    • Click the box:  I agree to the Terms of Use.

    • Enter your Directory email address, which is the email used by the Association to send you broadcasts and other news. 

    • Enter your First Name, Last Name, and a personal Password (5 or more characters).    

    • After you click the Sign Up Now button, a verification email will be sent within 24 hours.  If the verification email is not in your Inbox, please check your email's Spam or Junk folder.

    • When you click the link in the verification email, you will be directed to the main web page.  Click Residents Only again and the Log In screen will be displayed.

  • After the Sign Up steps above have been completed, use to login.  It will take you directly to the login screen.​

  • Thank you for your interest in The Retreat's website.
  • Happy browsing!

  • For help signing up, please contact Anita Cosby, at or (757) 486-6000, ext. 3039.

NOTE:  Underlined text throughout the website will open another internal web page, open a document or flyer in a separate browser window, or link to an email address.

 Login and Logout 

  • Once you have signed up, Log In with your email and personal password.

  • Please Log Out when you finish browsing.

  • To Log Out, click your name on the Residents Only menu bar, then select Log Out.


  • To protect the privacy of all Residents, only share your password with someone you trust.  You are solely responsible for your password's use.

  • To change your password

    • If you are currently logged in, Log Out. 

    • Click the “Forgot Password” link  on the Log In” screen.

      Continue Sign Up if you agree to these Terms of Use.      

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