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Social Event Flyers and Calendar Changes

  • The Social Committee plans social events at its monthly meetings, usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Calendar updates and new flyers are published shortly afterwards.  All residents are invited to attend.   

  • Calendar updates may also occur throughout the month:

  • Social Committee minutes and a list of future meeting dates are on the Committees-Social Committee page.

Resident Directory Updates

  • Visit the Contacts page for the current Resident Directory, by First Name, Last Name and Address.  To update your information in the Directory, please email the Association Manager


Latest Changes

11/22/2022 - Governing Documents - Other

  • Association Complaint Procedures - Amended, November 7, 2022

  • Policy for Records Inspection and Cost Schedule, adopted November 7, 2022. 

11/18/2022 - Documents posted

11/10/2022 - Board Documents

  • September 2022 Financial Report posted. 

10/27/2022 - Lost - Gold wedding bandwith white gold design and diamond chips, at the Clubhouse on Thursday, between 1:30 and 3:15.  If found, please call Joan Stafford, at 757-930-4603. 

10/24/2022 - Social Committee Community News

10/23/2022 - Social Committee.

10/19/2022 - Reminder - Holiday Decorations

  • Message from the Board President - Rules & Regs, IV. H. Holiday Decorations

10/17/2022 - Shrubbery Trimming and Do Not Trim list.

  • Details are on the FAQ page, under the Maintenance tab.

10/13/2022 - Social Committee.

10/10/2022 - New!  Lost & Found page.

  • A link is located under the Other tab.

9/25/2022 - Social Committee

  • August 16, 2022, minutes

9/18/2022 - Board Documents

  • August Financial Report

9/8/2022 - New Board Member, Therese Sipos

9/7/2022 Recycling Dropoff Sites

  • TFC has closed its drop-off site on Diamond Hill Road.  Residential Drop-off Recycling Sites are provided by the City of Chesapeake.  The closest is at City Park, off of Greenbrier Parkway.

8/28/2022 - Social Committee

8/27/2022 - Social Events

8/22/2022 - The Retreat's 184 Lot and Phase Numbers 

  • A list of the Lot number assigned to each Unit by the Builder during the 35 Phases of construction is posted on the Governing Document page under Other Documents.  It provides the approximate date each unit was built.

8/13/2022 - Board Documents

  • July 2022 Financial Report posted under Financials. 

8/8/2022 - Board Documents

  • Draft of July 18, 2022, Regular Meeting minutes have been posted.  Final version will be on Board's November 7th agenda for approval.  

8/6/2022 - SignaTours - Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Tours

  • A link to SignaTours' website is on the Services page.  Please note the Disclaimer at the bottom of the Services page.

8/3/2022 - Log In screen - I'm not a robot

  • This feature, called a reCaptcha, was added to provide an additional layer of security to avoid spam, hackers and data crawlers from accessing our site.

8/2/2022 - Password Change - update

  • When changing your password, you are sent a confirmation email.  If the message is not in your Inbox, please check your email's Junk or Spam folder and move the message to your inbox; then click the link provided.  For help, please call the Webmaster

7/26/2022 - Board of Directors

  • Dana Gilbert is Vice President and Mary Munley is Member at Large, announced at July 18, 2022, Board meeting.

7/22/2022 - Social Committee

  • June 21, 2022, meeting minutes adopted at their July 19, 2022, meeting.

7/21/2022 - Board Documents posted:

  • April 18, 2022, Board Regular Meeting minutes, adopted July 18, 2022.

  • 2021 Audit Report

  • April 2022 Financial Report

  • Parking Variance List, adopted July 18, 2022

7/5/2022 - Swimming Pool Reminder

7/5/2022 - Grounds Maintenance Committee

  • April - June 2022 Activity Report 

7/1/2022 - Social Committee

  • May 17, 2022, meeting minutes, adopted at their June 21, 2022, meeting

6/17/2022 - Board Documents

  • April 2022 and May 2022 Financials

5/21/2022 - Board Documents:

  • May 24, 2021, Annual Members Meeting, adopted May 18, 2022; and

  • Draft of the April 18, 2022, Regular Board Meeting - will be placed on July 18, 2022, agenda for adoption. 

5/21/2022 - Message from the Board President

  • Role of the Board and residents' expectations is on The Retreat Bulletin Board.

5/18/2022 - Social Committee

  • April 19, 2022, minutes 

5/10/2022 - Neighborhood Watch - notice of May Safety Events 

5/9/2022 - The Current Date

4/20/2022 - Social Committee Guidelines for parties sponsored by Residents

  • adopted by the Board of Directors on April 18, 2022, are on the Social Committee page. 

4/20/2022 - Documents Added

  • Board of Directors January 17, 2022, regular meeting minutes, adopted on April 18, are on the Board Documents page.

  • Social Committee's March 15, 2022, meeting minutes, adopted on April 19, are on the Social Committee page. 

4/13/2022 - Agenda and Zoom information

  • for the April 18th Board of Director's Regular Meeting was on the Welcome page and will be reposted for the May 16 Association Meeting.

4/8/2022 - An updated Block Captains list

3/31/2022 - Social Committee 2022 Questionnaire

  • responses were submitted by April 20. 

  • Contact a Social Committee co-chair for information on the questionnaire results. 

3/31/2022 - SignaTours

  • is on the Services page.  They offer residents an opportunity for exciting bus tours and cruises.  Review the Disclaimer at the bottom of the Services page. 

3/31/2022 - How to attach a document to an email message

  • is on the FAQs under the Website tab.  

3/29/2022 - Community Spring Cleaning Tips & Reminders

  • Important tips and reminders for owners and residents in preparing for the Spring and Summer are on to The Retreat Bulletin Board on the Welcome page. 

3/22/2022 - List of Neighborhood Block Captains

  • is on the Neighborhood Watch page.  Thank you to all who have volunteered to serve as block captains.  Your service helps keep The Retreat safe.

3/20/2022 - Searching a Resident Directory

  • Instructions for searching for a first name, last name or address, in one of the Resident Directories, are on the FAQs page, under the Website tab. 

3/9/2022 - January 2022 Financial Report

2/4/2022 - New Bulletin Board

1/24/2022 - Board Meeting Minutes

  • Draft minutes of the Board's January 17, 2022, Regular Meeting were posted on the Board Docs page and will be placed on the April 18, 2022, agenda for adoption.  

1/17/2022 - Board Meeting Summary

  • The Board amended the Rules and Regulations to include ACC's requested changes. The changes become effective February 1, 2022.

  • November 8, 2021, regular meeting minutes were adopted and have been posted to the Board Docs page.

  • A draft of the January17, 2022, minutes will be posted after the Board's review; and adopted minutes will be posted after the Board's next regular meeting on April 18th.

  • Board appointed Therese Sipos as the Chair of the Neighborhood Watch Committee and Fayeelaine Haddaway and Mary Lu Babcock as the Co-Chairs of the Social Committee.

1/19/2022 - Social Committee Updates

  • The Social Committee's Charter, dated June 17, 2019, replaced the January 2019 version.

  • 2019 and 2020 minutes were deleted and 2022 meeting dates added.

  • Minutes of the November 18, 2021, Social Committee meeting were added.

1/17/2022 - New Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

  • The Board thanks Therese Sipos for volunteering as The Retreat's new Neighborhood Watch coordinator.

  • A big THANK YOU also goes to Margie Simpkins for her many years of service as the prior coordinator!

1/11/2022 - Board's January 17th Meeting Agenda & Rules Changes

  • Links to the Board's January 17th Regular Meeting Agenda and proposed Rules Chages changes were added on the Welcome and Board Docs pages.

1/11/2022 - 12/13/21  Christmas lights at The Retreat

  • In the Social Events Photo Gallery is a tour of residents' Holiday Spirit' in lights!

12/06/2022 - Social Committee Update

  • Phone numbers for the Social Committee co-chairs, Fayeelaine Haddaway and Mary Lu Babcock were added.

12/03/2021 - Social Committee - new Co-Chairs

  • Thank you to Fayeelaine Haddaway and Mary Lu Babcock for volunteering to serve as the new Co-Chairs. Our heartfelt thanks go to Jean Hildebrandt and Bobbi Wittern for their tremendous leadership and service in the past.

11/20/2021 - IMPORTANT - Cold Weather Preparations

  • Cold weather preparations and thermostat setting information - FAQs, Maintenance tab

11/19/2021 - Updates

  • Board Docs 

    • October 31 Financials added.

    • Draft of November 8 Regular Meeting minutes added.

  • Committees - Social Committee minutes for September 16 and October 21added

11/12/2021 - Brightview Sign Up Code

  • The Retreat's "Unique Community Code" is GJZQCUKA.  Use this code to regisister for BrightView's HOA Connect.

  • Residents are encouraged to login to HOA Connect to report landscaping concerns.

11/12/2021 - Directory Changes

  • ​A new Directory 'By First Name' was added.

  • Residents that were listed in the Directory as a single entry, using 2 First Names are now listed separately.  (i.e. Dave and Jane Smith are not listed separately as Dave Smith and Jane Smith.)  

  • To update your information in the Directory, please email the Association Manager.

11/12/2021 - New 'Web Site Updates' Page

  • A new 'Website Updates' page lists significant website updates since you last logged in.

11/9/2021 - Board Documents Updates

  • Regular Meeting dates for 2022 were added; and 2020 meetings dates and minutes were deleted.

  • September 20 Regular Meeting - draft minutes updated to the adopted minutes.

  • Agenda and Budget slideshow for the November 8 Regular Meeting, was added.

  • Next Regular Board Meeting updated to November 17.

11/3/2021 - Board Financials

  • 2022 Budget, adopted November 8, 2021, was added; and 2021 budget deleted.

11/1/2021 - Rules and Regulations, page iv.